Czechia map

This map shows the Czechia map. You can freely to print the Map of Czechia. The Czechia map is printable and downloadable on this page.
According to the Czechia map, the primary sector accounted for 4% of the labor force and contributed 2.7% of GDP. The most fertile lands in Czechia lie in the lowlands and rugged hills of the Czechia Basin, in north-central Czechia, and in the Moravian Lowlands. The main crops are barley, wheat and sugar beet, but also potatoes, maize, rye, flax and hops.
In Czechia map, in the spring, the temperatures are softening and the days are getting longer. The minimum temperatures of Czechia map are still cold, 3 ° C in April and it is necessary to wait until mid-May to start having spring temperatures. During the day, the thermometer can climb up to 19 ° C, a pleasant temperature to visit Czechia and its capital.
Although the taxi is probably the most convenient means of transport in the map of Czechia, one should be cautious, particularly near airports, train stations and other tourist areas of Czechia. Make sure to get in a taxi registered in Czechia; check that the taximeter is activated and ask for a printed receipt.