Czech republic forests map

This map shows the Czech republic forests map. You can freely to print the Czechia forests map. The Czech republic forests map is printable and downloadable on this page.
You have nothing to fear in the virgin forests in Czech republic forests map. Instead of palm trees and exotic trees, you will find fir, spruce, beech, maple and elm trees in these forests, instead of wild beasts, you will see the well-known animals of mountain meadows and forests. You can get an idea of the appearance of the forests of central Czech republic forests map as they existed thousands of years ago.
Nicknamed the Bohemian Forest in Czechia forests map Cesky is a mountainous region in the Czech Republic. The landscapes of the Czechia forests map are sumptuous and can be found only slightly in areas of the plains and medium green mountains capped with pine forests and home to important fauna and flora due in particular to the relative absence of human settlement.