Airports in Czech republic map

This map shows the Airports in Czech republic map. You can freely to print the Czechia airports map. The Airports in Czech republic map is printable and downloadable on this page.
The airports in Czech republic map today has 91 civil airports that can be classified into three categories: airports of national importance, large regional airports and small regional airports, serving the needs of sports aviation and various aviation clubs. Among the major regional airports are domestic and international airports allowing travelers, tourists and contractors to travel to different parts of Czech Republic.
The Czechia airports map has a total of 122 airports, 44 of which have tarred landing strips and 5 major international airports. The major international airports in the Czech Republic are the PRG which serves around 11-12 million passengers a year, offers connections to 130 destinations worldwide and has received the IATA Eagle Award. The (BRQ), the (OSR), the (KLV) and the (PED).