Czech castles map

Castles in Czech republic map. Czech castles map (Eastern Europe - Europe) to print. Czech castles map (Eastern Europe - Europe) to download. The Czech Republic is famous for many things, such as its beautiful capital city, Prague, and its wonderful beers, but it is also famous for its huge array of incredible and diverse castles. Czech Republic hosts more than 2000 castles, being one of the countries with the highest density of castles in the world as its shown in Czech castles map. Popular tourist sites are the many castles and chateaux, such as those at Karlštejn Castle, Český Krumlov and the Lednice–Valtice area.

Castles in Czech republic map

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Bouzov Castle, this early 14th Century fortress is nestled on a hill between Hvozdek and Bouzov and looks exactly as though it has jumped right out of a Disney film. Castle Benatky nad Jizerou, this wonderful set of buildings range from various different eras, including the Renaissance and Baroque period, which gives it an intriguing, mysterious, and unique appearance. With an extensive history just waiting to be uncovered, ranging from various architectural styles and historical developments, Castle Blatna as its mentioned in Czech castles map is a must-see for any trip to the Czech Republic. Castle Buchlovice is a unique and awe-inspiring castle. It has a long and fascinating history, with various owners and stories attached to it. Castle Cervena Lhota, it is a unique and mystical water castle with beautiful surroundings, that is a must for any fanatic of Czech architecture and heritage.