Moravia Czech republic map

Map of Moravia Czech republic. Moravia Czech republic map (Eastern Europe - Europe) to print. Moravia Czech republic map (Eastern Europe - Europe) to download. Moravia (Czech: Morava; German: About this sound Mähren ; Polish: Morawy; Latin: Moravia) is a historical region in Central Europe in the east of the Czech Republic as its shown in Moravia Czech republic map and one of the historical Czech lands, together with Bohemia and Czech Silesia (and one of the 17 former crown lands of the Cisleithanian part of the Austro-Hungarian empire in 1867-1918 and one of the five lands of Czechoslovakia in 1918-1928). It takes its name from the Morava River which rises in the northwest of the region. Moravia largest city is Brno, its former capital, before the Thirty Years' War, there were two capitals: Olomouc and Brno.

Map of Moravia Czech republic

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Moravia is one of the three historical Czech Lands, the other two being Bohemia and Czech Silesia as its mentioned in Moravia Czech republic map. These regions no longer exist as administrative entities, but they are mentioned in the Czech constitution and their symbols appear in the Czech coat of arms. Moravia is the second largest and second most populous of these regions (after Bohemia). It boasts seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The biggest city and the former capital of Moravia is the beautiful city of Brno.