Czech railway map

Czech republic rail map. Czech railway map (Eastern Europe - Europe) to print. Czech railway map (Eastern Europe - Europe) to download. České dráhy (the Czech railways) is the main railway operator in the Czech Republic, with about 180 million passengers carried yearly. Its cargo division, ČD Cargo, is the fifth largest railway cargo operator in the European Union. With 9,505 km (5,906.13 mi) of tracks, the Czech Republic has one of the densest railway networks in Europe as its shown in the Czech railway map. Of that number, 2,926 km (1,818.13 mi) is electrified, 7,617 km (4,732.98 mi) are single-line tracks and 1,866 km (1,159.48 mi) are double and multiple-line tracks. In 2006 the new Italian tilting trains Pendolino ČD Class 680 entered service. They have reached a speed of 237 km/h setting a new Czech railway speed record.

Czech republic rail map

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The Czech Republic has a total railway length of 9,435 kilometres (5,863 mi). The vast majority (9,341 kilometres (5,804 mi)) is standard gauge. Electrified railways generally have voltages of 3 kV DC or 25 kV AC. 94 kilometres (58 mi) of track is narrow gauge as its mentioned in the Czech railway map. The most prominent Czech railway company is the state-owned České dráhy (ČD) (English: Czech Railways). Prague has an underground rapid transit system, the Prague Metro. In addition, the cities of Brno, Liberec, Most, Olomouc, Ostrava, Plzeň, and Prague have tram systems.
České dráhy (ČD) or Czech Railways, the company was established in 1993, after the dissolution of Czechoslovakia as a successor of the Czechoslovak State Railways as you can see in the Czech railway map. It is a member of the International Railway Union (UIC Country Code for Czech Republic is 54), Community of European Railways and the Organization for Railways Cooperation (Asia and Europe).