Czechoslovakia map 1918

Map of Czechoslovakia 1918. Czechoslovakia map 1918 (Eastern Europe - Europe) to print. Czechoslovakia map 1918 (Eastern Europe - Europe) to download. The Czechoslovak Republic was proclaimed on October 28, 1918, and a provisional constitution was adopted on November 13, 1918 as its shown in Czechoslovakia map 1918. Karl Kramarcz formed a government as prime minister. Tomas Masaryk was elected president by the National Assembly on November 14, 1918. On 28 October 1918, a state was born. Czechoslovakia broke off the collapsing Habsburg Monarchy to create a union of provinces with no previous historic connections: Bohemia, Moravia, Czech-speaking Silesia, Slovakia and Subcarpathian Ruthenia. Despite this diversity, it soon built an image of a successful democracy, which was economically sustainable and catered for minorities that had shared the geopolitical space for centuries. Such was the image. The reality of the cohabitation was rather different.

Map of Czechoslovakia 1918

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The move to create an independent political unit was preceded by activities of a group of politically active figures (most of them Czech, a few Slovaks) who towards the end of the First World War formed a provisional exile government led by Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk who would become Czechoslovakia first president as its mentioned in Czechoslovakia map 1918. They composed the so-called Washington Declaration, a proclamation of independence from Austria Hungary, which was published on 18 October 1918 in Paris.